Telecoms Expense Management


The Telecom Expense Management processes provided by TeleResult, allow organisations to control their costs through management of telecoms services, assets and bills.

Through understanding what services an organisation has and how they are used TeleResult recommends which telecoms services or plans, should be used to minimise costs. We identify billing errors by validating bills against contracted rates, and assist to claim any credits due.

TeleResult can provide clients with a complete package of Telecom Expense Management and/or Telecoms Lifecycle Management services.

Our solutions are not only based on proven processes but utilise our own specialist expense management platform TeleControl, as the core of our service delivery.

TeleControl manages and validates bills from any number of carriers or service providers and maintains not only the current view of inventory, assets, cost centres and bills, but also a tracked history of all changes allowing detailed trend analysis and full lifecycle management. Clients have full online access to all the information including detailed reporting and analysis.

We strive to always deliver results to our clients, through both hard and soft savings on a monthly basis.  

Clients can select to take any or all of the TEM services we offer, or we can tailor a package to meet specific requirements.

TeleControl is provided as a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) cloud based solution. This allows TeleControl to be continuously upgraded, whilst supporting customisation and enhancements, as well as regular analytical tasks to be undertaken.

TeleControl has intelligence built into the reporting and data analysis functions. TeleControl does more than display data (for example high users), it shows trends, exceptions and highlights billing errors.

Telecoms Expense Management (TEM)

Our TEM Service is called TeleControl and provides all the services and tools needed to provide a detailed Telecoms Expense Management Service.

TeleControl includes:

  • Provision of TeleControl TEMs Platform on as SaaS basis
  • Bill Management (Bill Acquisition & Import) by TeleResult
  • Reporting (push and//or pull)
  • Access to TeleControl Administration Portal (TeleAdmin)
  • Client Monthly Meetings to discuss issues and analysis
  • Dedicated Client Manager
  • Assistance with your Carriers including attending meetings with you or on your behalf
Inventory Management

In this service TeleResult provides additional resources to the Client to undertake a number of tasks to manage their Telecoms Service Inventory.

Includes Adds, Moves and Changes of Service Inventory up to any limit specified in your Service Schedule.

Service Desk Support

Access to the TeleResult Service Support Team in normal business hours (8am till 6pm Monday to Friday excluding Australian Public Holidays) via 1300 number, email, Service Desk Portal or via live chat from within our TEMs as a service platform.

Order/Cancellation Management

We can provide resources to assist you with the Order and/or Cancellation of Fixed Voice or Fixed Data services as well as provide a base level support for Mobile Services. In this service TeleResult will:

  • Import Information from Carrier ordering Tools into TeleControl
  • Provide Tracking of Client Requests for Orders &/or Cancellations
  • Provide monthly reporting on Ons & Offs in relation to inventory changes
Contract Management

Telecoms contracts are complex and have many different rates and plans, you need to ensure that the rates you are being charged on your monthly invoices are those in your agreed contract term.

To ensure you are being charged what you agreed, TeleResult have a number of tools and services that make this process easy and will identify any errors quickly and easily. These services include:

  • Bill Audit & Validation
  • Contract Compliance Reporting
  • Bill Payment Recommendations
Usage Management

The management of usage or the identification of over or under use are important aspects of keeping your costs under control, our services include:

  • Service Utilisation Reporting (Bills)
  • Zero Usage Reporting
  • Private Usage Management Tools
  • Private Usage Reporting
  • Private Usage Declarations
Financial Management

Finance in every organisation pay the bills and allocate costs to various cost centres, we have a number of tools and services to make life easier for Finance, such as:

  • Help with preparing Budgets & Forecasts
  • Assistance with Billing Consolidation
  • Cost Allocation of every service to a cost centre
  • Cost Centre Maintenance
  • Cost Centre Manager Reporting
  • Unallocated Cost Centre Reporting
  • Payment Vouchers (Customised)
  • Journals & GL Integration (Upload)
  • Private Usage Payroll Deduction Files
Service & Cost Optimisation

Ongoing savings are made by optimising the plans services are on, based on current usage profiles, we have a number of services and tools that are designed to ensure your monthly telecoms costs are as low as possible through identifying and optimizing the plans services are on, including:

  • Optimisation Reporting (including recommendations)
  • Implementation of Plan Optimisation Recommendation
  • Service Cancellations if no longer required
Dispute Management

Billing errors occur with all Carriers and can occur at any time, the issues originations face is identifying these errors and recovering any amounts owed due to these errors.

We not only have a number of services to assist with identification of these and lodging disputes, we have a demonstrable track record in recovering these amounts for NSWG Agencies, services include:

  • Prepare and Lodge Billing Disputes
  • Dispute Progress Reporting
Analytics & Telecoms Intelligence

Optional inclusion of further specialised reporting in relation to:

  • Custom Reporting (reports developed for a specific client requirement)
Advanced Expense Management

Some clients require further services and features to help manage their telecoms services and costs, additional modules that can be offered are as follows:

  1. Asset Management Tools
  2. Staff Management Tools
  3. MDM Information Import from your MDM system or provider

Asset Management Tools include a database of all assets referenced by their IMEI (or a unique manufacturer ID, if not a mobile device). It contains all details that are directly related to the asset, eg manufacturer, asset type, memory size, serial number, asset tag.

Staff Management Tools maintain the relationship between the staff user name/email address and any Assets or Services by assigning the staff details to the service number. As assets are also assigned to service numbers so all details in full are aligned to any Asset or Staff reports

Mobile Service Assistance

Managing Mobile Fleets is hard work. That is why we have a number of services to assist you to manage your mobile services. TeleResult can provide you with resources to undertake the following tasks:

  1. Features & Barring Assistance
  2. International Roaming Assistance
  3. Service (SIM) Activation Assistance
  4. PIN/PUK Code Assistance
  5. Repairs & Warrantee Assistance
  6. SIM Re-burn Assistance
  7. Temporary Suspension Assistance
  8. Transfer of Ownership Assistance
Premium Usage Management

Traditionally overuse is managed at the end of each billing cycle, however by that time significant additional costs may be present. It is possible to proactively manage usage between billing cycles, this requires additional functionality to extract this information from carrier systems and proactively manage any potential issues. Our services include:

  • Usage Reporting between Billing Cycles
  • Proactive Plan Management to avoid bill shock
Financial Management (Rebilling)

Additional tools and services to assist organisations recover costs:

  • Rebilling of Services, via
    • Pass through (no markup)
    • Fixed fee Markup (eg $5 per service)
    • Fixed percentage market up (eg 10%)
    • Defined Price book (customized price book with varying markups of a service or type level)
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