Enterprise Mobility

TeleMobile is a fully managed end to end service for mtm_allobiles, including Smartphones and Tablets.

TeleMobile uses fully integrated processes and tools to track assets, users, call usage and application usage.

This is achieved through integration of Mobile Device Management (MDM), TEM, Mobile Fleet Management (MFM) and Mobile Ordering. It is important to align assets, users and costs as many organisations now have mobile fleets with asset values into the $Millions.

Our Service Delivery is provided to the client through an Agreed set of Processes.

Our preferred MDM partner is Microsoft, where we utilise the Intune platform.

We have developed the TeleOrder ordering portal to allow mobile hardware and services to be ordered from any number of selected suppliers, and for Service Requests to be placed via a single user friendly and intuitive online portal.


TeleOrder provides a single process to order from any of your providers using a customised Online Catalogue that includes inbuilt Workflow (with email notifications).

TeleOrder is able to be integrated with existing procurement/approval systems or processes (eg vFire).

The same system can be used for all Orders and MACS such as:

  • New Handsets
  • New Services
  • New Accessories
  • Service Changes
  • Bar Mobile Roaming
  • SIM Reburn
  • Port Numbers
Mobile Procurement

The procurement of Mobiles and accessories is a very labour intensive process that consumes a lot of internal resources. TeleResult have designed a number of services and tools to make this process easy and reduce internal support requirements. Our Service interworks with any Carrier/Service Provider or even a mix of Carriers/Service Providers.

Mobile Procurement includes the following:

  1. Mobile Fleet Order Management
  2. Customised Mobile & Accessories Catalogue
  3. Online Ordering Portal (Carrier Agnostic)
  4. Ordering Workflow & Approvals
  5. Handset/Incentive Fund Reporting
  6. Technology & Handset Recommendations

TeleResult Carrier Agnostic Online Ordering Portal includes:

  • Notices, to display latest product and supply updates
  • Ordering Product Catalog that allows all orders to be placed online
  • Order Tracking
  • Order Reports
  • MAC requests

The portal is available via a secure login with agreed access privileges.

TeleResult will maintain a Product Catalogue that includes:

  • Range of approved Mobile Handsets and Mobile Data Devices
  • Range of approved Accessories
  • SIM cards
  • Range of Approved Mobile Plans

Features of catalogue include:

  • Summary information on each device
  • Carrier pricing options
  • Ability to request bulk price quotation
  • Quick order entry via a look up of existing service numbers in TeleControl database to find current plans and expiry dates
  • Ability to nominate where request is to be charged to

TeleResult will provide an order management system that allows online status of all orders. For orders not completed, back order, shipment and courier tracking information will be available.

Whilst an order is in progress TeleResult will provide updates via email on:

  • Receipt of Client order
  • Placement of order on supplier
  • Any back order issues
  • Goods dispatch
  • Completion
Mobile Device Management (MDM) via Microsoft Intune

TeleResult can provide resources and services to deliver to our clients a fully managed Mobile Device Management (MDM) environment using Microsoft Intune, which is part the Microsoft EMS suite. Clients may already have access to Microsoft EMS licenses, or can easily add to existing license arrangements.

TeleResult (and its partners) can also undertake all professional services to fully implement and integrate the relevant components of the Microsoft EMS suite for the Client and provide ongoing management of the EMS suite.

MDM Onboarding & Management - Provision of services to enroll existing or new services into MDM platform and ongoing management of devices including retirement of devices.

Mobile Fleet Management (MFM)

Our detailed MFM Services include the following:

  1. Mobile Procurement
  2. Mobile Assistance
  3. Telecoms Expense Management
  4. Pre-Staging Services (described below)
  5. Advanced Stock & Asset Management Services (described below)
  6. Repairs and Warranty Claims Services (described below)

Full range of Pre-Staging Services is offered, this can be either “physically” (ie device comes to TeleResult offices) or “over the Air” (using Apple DEP or similar) and can include:

  • Check device is not “Dead on Arrival”
  • Receiving and allocating device in TeleControl Asset database
  • Activating and completing device setup assistant
  • Upgrading handset to latest Operating System version
  • Enrolling device with Microsoft Intune appropriate profile
  • Setting the device to a generic password, so device cannot be accessed by a non-client person
  • Providing Client set up information when shipping device
  • Shipping device (if pre-staged at TeleResult Office) to specified user
  • Activation of Service with User
  • Confirmation that service is active with user

Our service also includes an advanced Stock and Asset Management service that includes maintaining a detailed Asset database. TeleResult can also manage an agreed level of stock on behalf of the Client for:

  • Bulk orders
  • VIP/Hot Swap pool
  • Returned devices for redeployment

The above will be managed in accordance with the Agreed Processes.

As part of our service TeleResult will process repairs and warranty claims in accordance with the Agreed Processes.

Repairs will be undertaken by approved repair centres or as a warranty replacement via the Manufactures distribution channel.

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Our MAM Service provides the following key functions for simplifying the deployment, management of mobile apps regardless of their type:

  1. Deployment
  2. Configuration
  3. Reporting

The level of MAM service needs to be defined and costed prior to deployment.

Mobile Service Assistance

Managing Mobile Fleets is hard work. That is why we have a number of services to assist you to manage your mobile services. TeleResult can provide you with resources to undertake the following tasks:

  1. Features & Barring Assistance
  2. International Roaming Assistance
  3. Service (SIM) Activation Assistance
  4. PIN/PUK Code Assistance
  5. Repairs & Warrantee Assistance
  6. SIM Re-burn Assistance
  7. Temporary Suspension Assistance
  8. Transfer of Ownership Assistance

These requests are all facilitated by our TeleOrder portal

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