Telecoms Consulting

At TeleResult we assist large corporate and government organisations achieve value through the appropriate use of telecommunications technology.

We work at both the tactical and strategic level and have helped many organisations optimise their telecommunications environment.

TeleResult has undertaken many different consultancy engagements for over 40 years and offers a complete package of professional services to meet all your needs. These can be characterised by the following key attributes:

  • Vendor and Service provider independence allows our clients to be confident that our advice and guidance is informed by their needs rather than any service provider affiliations.
  • Project team members who have a proven understanding of the relevant technologies, ensuring that the outcomes of the project are properly researched so that all issues and implications are correctly addressed.
  • Project team members who have a proven understanding of business issues. This ensures that the outcome of the project is based on business values, rather than just technical issues.
  • Proven track record in conducting consultancies to a wide range of Commercial and Government organisations.
  • Proven written and verbal communication skills that will be vital if complex issues need to be effectively communicated to the project stakeholders.

Our philosophy of working closely with our clients ensures that the results are not only business focused and technically sound, but also synergistic with your overall requirements.

We at TeleResult look forward to welcoming you into our family of over 2,000 satisfied clients.

Strategic Sourcing

Telecoms contracts generally have terms of two or three years, this means that you need to review the market and establish new supply contracts at these periods. This can be a daunting task as you typically don’t know if you have in place contracts that offer the correct value to your organization.

As we undertake many market testing actions each year we can provide all the professional services and expertise you needs to undertake these processing including:

  2. Benchmarking
  3. Modelling & Analysis
Value Add Services

We offer a number of added value services such as:

  1. WAN Status Reporting (TeleMonitor)
  2. Telecoms/Mobile Policy Review & Development
  3. Custom Development (Reports or other features)
  4. Project Services (Telecoms Consulting)

TeleMonitor integrates Active WAN Services with Actual Billing and solves the problem of reconciling if a Data service (on a bill) is actually being used or not. This is important for large networks with lots of churn. TeleMonitor provides Powerful Reporting identifies Issues or exceptions, such as Billed Services with No IP Address, Billed Service with no IP Connectivity or All Billed Services at specific site (inc IP address) as well as integrates with any IP Management Platform. TeleMonitor only requires CSV or XLS file export, it is designed to eliminates billing errors and can be updated as required (weekly/monthly)

Professional Services

Provision of Professional services as required to an agreed scope of works or on a T&M basis.

  1. WAN Status Reporting (TeleMonitor) solves the issue of whether a billed link is required by integrating reports from the client’s  IP management system with the TEM database
  2. Telecoms/Mobile Policy Review & Development, for strategic decisions on the changing nature of the mobile fleet and its “business value” to the client.
  3. Custom Development, for analysis, reporting and related applications where use of the TEM data is beneficial.
  4. Project Services, for undertaking network transitions / migrations and audits.


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